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Medicare Bidding Effecting Medicare Clients, Suppliers, Jobs

Below are several YouTube videos posted by NC Save Jobs organization, which shows how the current bidding system of CMS / Medicare is impacting on the clients, providers and jobs in Charolette, NC.  Please click on the link below to see the Channel 9 news report on this situation.

To see testamony from a JAMES (Jersey Association Medical Equipment Suppliers) member believes the impact will effect NJ clients if unchanged from present rules and regulations. Please click on the link below to hear their statement.

The present rules and regulations are not easy to follow or to understand. The link below is an look at how the current bidding process can effect someone who needs medical supplies and equiptment in a Medicare bidding area. This bidding process is slated to be for the entire country within the next ten years. Click the link below to watch Medicare Competitiive Bidding Fiasco.