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Cylinder Services

For your own cylinders, we offer complete array of services to be sure your equipment is up to date, safe and looking as if you just purchase yesterday. Your choices included:

  • Hydrostatic Testing

 To conform with Federal, State and local requirement, cylinders need to undergo periodic hydrostatic testing. Whether steel, aluminum or composite, we can test your cylinder to specifications need.  This procedure can take up to several days from the date of us receiving your cylinder(s).  With passing of test, your cylinder is marked and ready more many more years of service to you.

  • Re-valving

Whether is to replace a broken handle, safety or a complete changing of the cylinder valve, we can do the job for you. Several different styles of medical post valves are also available for your smaller medical gas cylinders. Just let us know your needs so we can offer you the choices that will work best.

  • Exterior Wheelabrating & Painting

To give your facility the proper image, you need to the look of proper equipment. To help achieve that, we offer complete makeovers of your cylinders. For steel cylinder that can include wheelabration, which will skin your cylinder(s) to remove any markings and paint. Then a new coating is applied, to match the gas contents, to prevent rusting.  For aluminum cylinder(s), a similar process is done to remove markings and chipped or peeling clear coat. Then a new sealer clear-coat is applied. Both process will make your cylinder(s) look as if they were just taken out of their shipping containers today.

  • Interior Cleaning

On occasions, you might need to have your cylinders cleaned internally. This may be due to moisture inside of steel cylinders causing light rust to form, usually found during hydrostatic testing. It might also be due to changing the cylinder from one gas to another, thou is is a rare situation. In either case, we can internally clean your cylinder(s) so that you can have the more useful life and the most valve form your investment of equipment.


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