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These are just some of the various items we offer displayed below. For current pricing and any other details that you may need, call or write us. Most items are stocked, with special order items usually available within proper lead time.

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   MadaVac  Aspirator 172BS-II

    MadaVac III

   evilbiss VacuAide Compact Suction Unit - 7310PR-D

   Devilbiss Suction Unit

     Model 300

       Schuco®-Vac 430 Aspirator

    Model 405

    Model 309

    Homecare Suction Units Models 1118, 1180, 1181

    Aspirator- Model 280

    Schuco®-Vac 430 Aspirator

   Schuco®-Vac 330 Aspirator

   Schuco®-Vac 130 Aspirator

    G180 shown with Disposable Hydrophobic-Bacteria Filter and optional Carrying Case

    Schuco-Vac 130

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